Making way…

Well the month is coming to a close and I’d like to admit I’ve had an epic fail for this month… NOTHING was within budget. I’m not going to cry over spilled milk but rather pull up my sleeves and strive for a better September. For our October trip everything is purchased (minus spending money and food) I need to sit down and make a list of things that we might need while on vacation. I need to research cheap/free things to do. And figure out our food budget.

On the upside I have come a long way on getting stuff done around the house. 🙂 Alexis’ room is hopefully going to be complete here in the next few weeks. I have also started Christmas shopping. If I start now I should stay within budget. I need to look up to see if I can do Dave Ramsey’s Christmas budget app this early in the year… Thoughts to ponder….. And I just purchased a new bed cash of course not on a credit card… 🙂 So all in all things are coming along!


Did I fall?

Well another month has yet come and gone. I feel like I’m falling off the bandwagon of keeping on track. I’m not over budget this month yet but I did have to use my credit card to pay for the window. I’m feeling like a failure for this but I know I will have this paid off soon enough.. It’s just discouraging that I actually used my credit card again. Ugh I’m pissed!

As for the rest of everything I’m doing well. The 15th is coming up and I have cash flowed both girls school supplies and a couple of new things for my niece to start off the school year. I am really pumped to get going on paying off my car but it feels like stuff keeps coming up and I don’t want to drain out my savings yet again!

I need to be more disciplined about my budget I’m just not sure how to get re motivated :/ Something to look into. I have lots coming up this year so I need to get back on the bandwagon and get serious about this budget. After all how can I preach my girls about saving if I’m not doing a stellar job myself!

Making Headway?….

Well another month has come and gone… I have an important birthday coming next week! Alexis will be another year older. I have my niece officially moved in as of this last weekend.

I have successfully made it down in to the 7k range on the car… YAY!!!

I have once again pretty well drained my savings account to put a down payment on an Egress window. My goal is to get the girls in their own room by the end of September. To do this I will have to get proper heat and air piped into the basement room and fix the airflow to what will now be Taila’s room. This shouldn’t take me long to recoup the loss of savings.

I met with my financial advisor to set up a trust fund for Taila, however I’m not sure I’ll be able to do this so I’m pending a conversation with an attorney. I have to stay legal within state guidelines.

All in all things are going pretty well. I will have two upcoming trips to Florida. One will be in August when we go for a Yellow Ribbon event. So this trip will be paid for by the military. I will be going again in October to watch one amazing woman get married. This will not be paid for by the military so I need to be watching my budget and get some money in savings. I’m thankful I have disciplined myself to always keep $1,000.00 in savings as this has saved my ass a few times over the last few months.

In all I think I’m making headway I just have to keep on keeping on..


This is something I’m struggling a bit with…. I’m so passionate about this journey but I find that when I get on the week of payday I’m constantly checking my account to see how much I still have left in my checking so that I know exactly to the penny how much I will be able to push into savings…  Budgeting is still moving along well and I all but have my emergency fund back to 1k.  Not bad progress considering at the END of April I was stressing about buying a car and wiping my savings account to $5.00 because that’s the minimum you have in it.

I am hoping to make an extra 1/2 payment on the car.  My goal is to be done in the 8k range down to the 7’s… I have a major life changing event that is going to throw a whole new mix to my whole budget each month upcoming later this summer.  I will be taking my niece to live with me hopefully for a short time but may extend in to a long term situation. The good news is, I have found a bed nightstand and desk for her cost $$000.00 Yup free!  My good friend is moving out of state so gave me furniture her girls would no longer be using..

I will also have some upcoming expenses I will have to incur  to have my niece.  I am going to have move me into my daughters room and the girls in my room in order to accommodate space for everyone until I can have a proper window installed in my basement.  Scary part is cost.  I have an appointment on July 3rd to have a company come and give me a bid. EEKK!  I’m aware that my monthly budget expenses will likely rise a bit as well.  I hope to keep the cost where I’m at but need to brace myself for changes..

So in all the middle of June the weekend before my birthday I’m am excited and proud of where I’m at and how far I’ve come this year.  I officially paid off all my non secure debt, sold my jeep bought a fuel efficient car and am still motivated to continue my journey in becoming debt free!  Who knows maybe perhaps by the Time November comes around to the 1 year date of starting this I too can Yell I’M DEBT FREE!  and be on my way to making double house payments.. 🙂 


Has it been a whole month already?????  Wowsa time flies when your having fun partying like a senior and moving like a college student oh and vacationing like its summer break!  Oh but wait I haven’t done any of that but I have been busy helping others accomplish the above.. 🙂  My little darling daughter is off with her daddy enjoying a summer vacation.  My other darlings are successfully moved in to their apartment getting settled to start college and so that leaves the graduation, I’m so proud of the them and the party went off with a bang!

Now to the important stuff.  Budget.. How are we doing… Not to bad I’m not negative… BUT I could be doing better so once again I’ve been listening to good ol Dave.. The positive, I have paid down the loan $300 and I almost have my emergency fund funded again.  The negative, I was hoping to have more paid down on my loan but my darling youngest gave our little 4 legged baby ringworm!!! UGH That was a lovely $105 out of the budget.  So now we wait… again….. for the 15th of June to roll around so that I hopefully will have the emergency fund fully funded again… And make a little larger dent in the loan of the car!   Now that I’m seeing progress I’m getting more excited than ever to be free of debt.  I can do this!  Oh yes one last positive I’m now knocking out day 4 of being smoke free!!!! That should add a little more cash to monthly funds to pay the loan off a little quicker 😉   Thanks to Jessie for being my support.

The only other exciting or not so exciting thing is I’m about to crank out another year on my life!  I always try to reflect my world in the month I was born and for this last year I’m pretty sure I’ve come a long way and done a ton of stuff… So for that I’m grateful I just hope this next year is as successful!  Now that the twins will be turning 18 maybe we can get their passports so that they can finally start going on some vacations with me!  🙂 🙂  (Once I’m debt free of course!)

Moving along

Well I went to get my plates today….

Here is where I sit since the purchase of my fuel efficient go go car.   $10.00 inspection, $113.00 credit from the jeep and grand total check written to the court house $71.72!  Plates check!  If I continue to have the amount automatically go into my savings that I did to cover the plates on the Jeep I will have the whole years plates in savings in about 3 months.  If I also to continue to put in savings each payday what I was paying for the Jeep payments I will have my emergency fund built back up also in about 3 months. 

In the end thus far I’m confident I made the right decision for my journey to sell the jeep and get a fuel efficient car.  So all the panic mode minutes and uncertainty I was feeling before when trying to figure out all this loan car swapping/buying seems to be worth it right now.  And an important lesson learned for me is “in the end it will all work out how it is suppose to!” Two weeks ago I couldn’t really see that, thank goodness for Jessie and Chanel to keep my jets cooled and tell me every little thing is gonna be alright…

While my budget for this month is still tight I can see light coming at the end of the tunnel.  My goal for this summer is to have my emergency fund built back up and be cruising along to get this last debt paid.  Starting next month my budget pay for electricity will also be dropping by another $20 guess I better set that up on auto transfer to savings… Money not managed is money lost.

Found a car!!!!!

Well as of April 25th The Jeep is paid in Full and I’m now driving a gently used 2007 Honda Civic. I did not anticipate finding a car so soon and last week was a bit stressful trying to figure out how all would work but it did! I had to opt for option C from my previous post as I didn’t anticipate finding a car so fast. I just didn’t have in savings but to go from April 1 deciding to sell the Jeep to April 25th buying a car I feel pretty happy with what I was able to accomplish.

I officially paid off the Jeep and took a little road trip with Jess Hess to pick up my new ride. I found it on Craigslist the people I bought this car from were the original owners of the car in which they bought it having 4 miles on the car. It does have almost 143k miles on it now but most of which are highway miles and the couple took very good care of it.

While I feel like it was a setback initially and more than I initially wanted to spend I feel like I got a good deal and my worries have all been resolved, as my perspective on this whole situation has changed from a set back to a regrouping… (this being decided with a little help from friends)

This is where I stand as of today. $76k on the house $8600 on the car and now that I have drained my savings to nothing I have charged $65 on my credit card to get me through to payday. Now that my car payment has drastically dropped and my gas consumption I should start making headway very very very soon!

I have not done my May initial budget yet but I really need to see where I’m at in my checking account on payday before I go spending all my money on paper.

Here is to looking up and getting a little more financially in shape! This will be so interesting to see how much progress I can make on this loan in the upcoming months..