New beginnings

So here I am still debt free! I haven’t charged on any credit cards, purchased a new car, or bought a new home. I’m still numb to the fact I’m actually debt free!

I am having all new windows installed in my home today. I’m not putting that on a credit card I have saved the CASH for it. The last thing to urgently replace in my home is the hot water heater. This should be accomplished paying cash in the next 30 days.

The good deeds. Last month I was able to help one of my girls find and purchase a car. I helped in getting the loan so the twins say that will count as my good deed for last month. I need to figure out a way to complete a good deed every month… After reading my year in review horoscope for this year it’s supposed to be a very difficult challenging year and I’m hoping a conscious good deed effort every month might lighten up the blow of a crappy year.

They say all goals are more successfully achieved if written down. Goal #1 build savings account to 10k this year. Goal #2 start a 529 plan for kids, I found out this week this can be passed to blood relatives so I can invest for both Taila and Alexis and if neither use it all I can use it. Perfect! Sold!

But this is where my mind gets going crazy…. Let’s pretend if I didn’t invest in 529 plan and save 10k. Suppose I went back on a beans and rice scrimping from check to check. Let’s say I dumped every single extra penny I could get my hands on, on the house, I really think I could pay my house off in 12 months! 12 I could be 100% debt free and down to just owing yearly taxes on my house. What if I went super gazelle intense and did that?!… This sounds a little nuts crazy but I’m seriously pondering the thought of doing this. I could then save like crazy to fund the girls’ college funds over the next 4 years and they should be set! At which time I could then go crazy on funding my retirement for the next 20 years and still likely have enough to live on in my golden years.

The above paragraph is going to be something I think I sit down and really look at. If after 1 year I could have a “rent or mortgage” payment of $250 month to cover taxes and insurance, I think that would be pretty awesome! Making a thought into a reality is taking a huge step… But in the end if I could save 50k in interest it might be worth it? I wonder how that would compound in retirement?… Hmmmm


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