2015 Goals

Well as the first few days have blown by I wanted to take a second to blog..

Of course I’m still listening to Dave Ramsey and I hadn’t really thought about Goals. So here I go… These are this years Goals.

1. I will become debt free except my house. Super goal is to become debt free in the month of January. (I really think this is obtainable)
2. I will try my best to live by this motto I’ve decided “New Beginnings” is my motto this year. I’m going to push myself to stick with not smoking taking better care of me in general and focus on my mind body and soul.
3. I will do one good deed a month and blog it so I stick to it.
4. I will have 10k saved this year.

I’m not going to look at these as resolutions but rather my 2015 Goals! (God willing I can accomplish every single one of these)


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