2014 coming to a close…

As this year comes to a close I’m reflecting on how this last year has played out. If I recall when I vowed to start writing to keep myself in check I had credit card debt, a Jeep payment and monthly bills with a vacation upcoming. I was looking forward to filing taxes to continue the debt snowball.

Where do I sit today?. I sold the Jeep made it through vacation, made it through the Hess girls graduation and attended an out of state wedding making it another vacation. I paid off all of my little miscellaneous credit card and vowed to not purchase anything on 18 months interest free again.

In selling the Jeep I learned a lot about myself and my character. Having a used car is NOT so bad. I get awesome gas mileage on my little Honda and I’m vowing to not buy another new car unless it’s done so in cash!

Now the downfall… Or the up fall I’m not sure which. I have money in my savings… Finally I have money in my savings… I did however put money on my credit card in November. I caught wind of a phenomenal cruise deal so I offered to book it on my credit card and let members of my family pay me back. I have enough money in my savings to pay in full my car but now that I have a credit card balance I’m holding off. So what is my plan?!

In January I will have enough in savings to pay off both. So I’m setting my goal today that January 17th 2015 in 30 days I will be down to owing money on my house and that’s it! I will need to save like crazy to have spending money on this vacation but I will have all debts paid in full minus my house.

I’m setting my 2015 goal to start a college savings account for my daughter. I don’t want to get overwhelmed goals but I feel they are important. I said I wouldn’t take another vacation until I was debt free or close to it and I stuck to it. Of course the vacation will be paid in full before I go. The other goal I’m pondering is to either A) build a full emergency fund or B) start making additional house payments. I’ll update that in January.


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