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I MISSED OCTOBER?! WHAAAAT? Black Friday IS Next WEEK??????!!!!!!!!!

Ok so last evening having a conversation that started why haven’t you blogged lately? My response…. I did last month. Not the case and to my two followers I’m Sorry! I guess life got in the way. Or maybe I have draft pending somewhere? I’m not sure. So this is where we sit!…. I am officially down to 7k owed on the car. I have saved enough money to pay off the car in full but scared to do so before the holiday hustle and bustle. I’m getting closer to being done around my house. Always seems to be my statement though. HA!

It’s going to be a very merry Christmas in the Kgrove household. (Or so I hope) The girls will not be getting a lot of gifts but instead two gifts. One including an airplane and one a ship.
That’s all I can reveal for now as my darling daughter may start reading my blog! (unlikely but you can’t be to careful)

The basement is officially as finished as it’s going to get for now… Big accomplishment! And I have the trim purchased to finish up the kitchen and living area upstairs. Now I just have to get it installed and Boom! Done remodeling for a while… (Almost) I went to get my niece up today and her bedroom was FREEZING COLD! I walked over to check out the window and I have windows full of frost! So I just called the company who put on my siding a couple of years back to get an estimate to replace some windows. I need to do that and replace the hot water heater still and then I’m done. Really done! (Or so I hope)

So next week is the ever famous Black Friday week… I feel like it’s not as much fun anymore. To much hype and to many people doing it and It angers me that retailers are opening on Thanksgiving. So I think I might sit this one out. At least getting up at the but crack of dawn and shopping. Instead I might just wait after all I don’t really need to fight grandma for that $20 crockpot deal.

So while on the Christmas shopping subject, I’m pretty much done for the people I really want to buy for with the exception of a few. I don’t want to purchase that thingy ma jig that will never get used. Yet, Some people I want to buy for I don’t know what to get them… Maybe It will be the year of gift cards from Kendra. Hmmm

So now to rant about my Dave Ramsey. I’ve felt really good staying on budget (well kinda) lol But now that I’m down to just the car I feel like I’m dragging my feet. My initial goal was to be able to Yell I”M DEBT FREE!!!!!!!! In November One year after starting the program and I can’t do this yet. I mean I have enough funds to do it but then I feel like I won’t have enough to do my holiday stuff so I’m really torn. My car has to be paid in full by March 28th that being said If I keep on a strict budget for Christmas This should be doable for paying my car off in January.


Black Friday Dos And Don’ts

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The Debt Blog

With Black friday nine nights away, customers are critically evaluating budgets and their holiday shopping lists while perusing programs and the advertisements because of their favorite shops.

1. Cash doesn’t Equal Love. In case you are striving to decrease expenses, or can not locate the loss leader, the finest presents are seldom the ones you purchase at the shopping center, but presents of love, expertise, ability and time. This might incorporate a playlist or a special scrap-book, or a thing you prepare paint or craft. Presents of love plus time that are significant and private will be far more memorable, thus do not shun guarantee coupons for a home cooked meal nights baby sitting oil-change,, garage-cleanup, or doing taxes.

2. Buddy Your chosen Retailers. Many retailers are providing special deals on FB and Twitter. It is advisable to incorporate your preferred shops for your friend listing (at least for for…

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