Monthly Archives: September 2014

September is much better!

Well I’m doing much better keeping things in line this month. A few factors to consider, I’m getting more used to a food budget increasing. I’m re focused on getting out of debt, and I’m doing better at allocating more payments to debt than just letting money sit in the bank. All in all going very well this month. I now am back down to 10k total debt minus the house. This included house rental, flights, new egress window, and a car rental.

I’m hopeful that in the next couple of months I can still be successful in paying off everything including my car. I really am getting more focused on the Ramsey plan and have even obtained FPU videos again to get myself refocused. I just get scared putting so much of a payment down and having my bank account look so low. I guess I better just dump it on debt so every dollar has a purpose instead of in 10 months wondering why I still have a car payment?!

I’m feeling very energized about my budget this month and have even started adding up my budget for next month. Cancelled a service this month another $6 added to the budget. Bye bye dollar shave club! Momma found the same blades for less online and when $30 in purchase is made it’s free shipping! It’s only a minor difference but it’s a difference!

Basement is still coming along. Alexis’ room has all the drywall in now just finish mudding, put a ceiling fan up and paint! Same goes for the family room downstairs then finish hallway and taila’s room then paint and new carpet! Bam! Done! well closer anyhow.. Then I think I’m taking the basement and putting my little darlings upstairs.

Well I guess that’s my rant for now!