Making way…

Well the month is coming to a close and I’d like to admit I’ve had an epic fail for this month… NOTHING was within budget. I’m not going to cry over spilled milk but rather pull up my sleeves and strive for a better September. For our October trip everything is purchased (minus spending money and food) I need to sit down and make a list of things that we might need while on vacation. I need to research cheap/free things to do. And figure out our food budget.

On the upside I have come a long way on getting stuff done around the house. 🙂 Alexis’ room is hopefully going to be complete here in the next few weeks. I have also started Christmas shopping. If I start now I should stay within budget. I need to look up to see if I can do Dave Ramsey’s Christmas budget app this early in the year… Thoughts to ponder….. And I just purchased a new bed cash of course not on a credit card… 🙂 So all in all things are coming along!


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