Monthly Archives: July 2014

Making Headway?….

Well another month has come and gone… I have an important birthday coming next week! Alexis will be another year older. I have my niece officially moved in as of this last weekend.

I have successfully made it down in to the 7k range on the car… YAY!!!

I have once again pretty well drained my savings account to put a down payment on an Egress window. My goal is to get the girls in their own room by the end of September. To do this I will have to get proper heat and air piped into the basement room and fix the airflow to what will now be Taila’s room. This shouldn’t take me long to recoup the loss of savings.

I met with my financial advisor to set up a trust fund for Taila, however I’m not sure I’ll be able to do this so I’m pending a conversation with an attorney. I have to stay legal within state guidelines.

All in all things are going pretty well. I will have two upcoming trips to Florida. One will be in August when we go for a Yellow Ribbon event. So this trip will be paid for by the military. I will be going again in October to watch one amazing woman get married. This will not be paid for by the military so I need to be watching my budget and get some money in savings. I’m thankful I have disciplined myself to always keep $1,000.00 in savings as this has saved my ass a few times over the last few months.

In all I think I’m making headway I just have to keep on keeping on..