This is something I’m struggling a bit with…. I’m so passionate about this journey but I find that when I get on the week of payday I’m constantly checking my account to see how much I still have left in my checking so that I know exactly to the penny how much I will be able to push into savings…  Budgeting is still moving along well and I all but have my emergency fund back to 1k.  Not bad progress considering at the END of April I was stressing about buying a car and wiping my savings account to $5.00 because that’s the minimum you have in it.

I am hoping to make an extra 1/2 payment on the car.  My goal is to be done in the 8k range down to the 7’s… I have a major life changing event that is going to throw a whole new mix to my whole budget each month upcoming later this summer.  I will be taking my niece to live with me hopefully for a short time but may extend in to a long term situation. The good news is, I have found a bed nightstand and desk for her cost $$000.00 Yup free!  My good friend is moving out of state so gave me furniture her girls would no longer be using..

I will also have some upcoming expenses I will have to incur  to have my niece.  I am going to have move me into my daughters room and the girls in my room in order to accommodate space for everyone until I can have a proper window installed in my basement.  Scary part is cost.  I have an appointment on July 3rd to have a company come and give me a bid. EEKK!  I’m aware that my monthly budget expenses will likely rise a bit as well.  I hope to keep the cost where I’m at but need to brace myself for changes..

So in all the middle of June the weekend before my birthday I’m am excited and proud of where I’m at and how far I’ve come this year.  I officially paid off all my non secure debt, sold my jeep bought a fuel efficient car and am still motivated to continue my journey in becoming debt free!  Who knows maybe perhaps by the Time November comes around to the 1 year date of starting this I too can Yell I’M DEBT FREE!  and be on my way to making double house payments.. 🙂 


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