Monthly Archives: May 2014

Moving along

Well I went to get my plates today….

Here is where I sit since the purchase of my fuel efficient go go car.   $10.00 inspection, $113.00 credit from the jeep and grand total check written to the court house $71.72!  Plates check!  If I continue to have the amount automatically go into my savings that I did to cover the plates on the Jeep I will have the whole years plates in savings in about 3 months.  If I also to continue to put in savings each payday what I was paying for the Jeep payments I will have my emergency fund built back up also in about 3 months. 

In the end thus far I’m confident I made the right decision for my journey to sell the jeep and get a fuel efficient car.  So all the panic mode minutes and uncertainty I was feeling before when trying to figure out all this loan car swapping/buying seems to be worth it right now.  And an important lesson learned for me is “in the end it will all work out how it is suppose to!” Two weeks ago I couldn’t really see that, thank goodness for Jessie and Chanel to keep my jets cooled and tell me every little thing is gonna be alright…

While my budget for this month is still tight I can see light coming at the end of the tunnel.  My goal for this summer is to have my emergency fund built back up and be cruising along to get this last debt paid.  Starting next month my budget pay for electricity will also be dropping by another $20 guess I better set that up on auto transfer to savings… Money not managed is money lost.