Found a car!!!!!

Well as of April 25th The Jeep is paid in Full and I’m now driving a gently used 2007 Honda Civic. I did not anticipate finding a car so soon and last week was a bit stressful trying to figure out how all would work but it did! I had to opt for option C from my previous post as I didn’t anticipate finding a car so fast. I just didn’t have in savings but to go from April 1 deciding to sell the Jeep to April 25th buying a car I feel pretty happy with what I was able to accomplish.

I officially paid off the Jeep and took a little road trip with Jess Hess to pick up my new ride. I found it on Craigslist the people I bought this car from were the original owners of the car in which they bought it having 4 miles on the car. It does have almost 143k miles on it now but most of which are highway miles and the couple took very good care of it.

While I feel like it was a setback initially and more than I initially wanted to spend I feel like I got a good deal and my worries have all been resolved, as my perspective on this whole situation has changed from a set back to a regrouping… (this being decided with a little help from friends)

This is where I stand as of today. $76k on the house $8600 on the car and now that I have drained my savings to nothing I have charged $65 on my credit card to get me through to payday. Now that my car payment has drastically dropped and my gas consumption I should start making headway very very very soon!

I have not done my May initial budget yet but I really need to see where I’m at in my checking account on payday before I go spending all my money on paper.

Here is to looking up and getting a little more financially in shape! This will be so interesting to see how much progress I can make on this loan in the upcoming months..


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