THE JEEP IS SOLD!!!!!!!!!!

I’m so freaking excited I could almost hyperventilate!  This scenario has worked out almost perfect!!!! So go back 4 days… I’m talking to my dad and he says “Well I think it’s about time I upgrade my old truck I’ve had it over 20 years and think I need to think about an upgrade”  Me: “Uh do you want to buy my Jeep”  Him: “I’d love to have that Jeep I’ll call the bank on Monday”  Fast forward to this morning… Dad calls and says “Well I guess I bought a Jeep” 

So why is the scenario so perfect?? I took a hit on selling it to him.  I’m going to now technically be without a car…. So this is how it’s playing out right now I MUST do some research and seek advice in which I will post what I ended up doing…  I will owe about 5k on the balance (Dad got this Jeep at a steal!)  So since I’ve been so diligent about paying extra I’m paid on my loan through June.  This will give me time to stock pile as much cash as possible when I find a used car that I hopefully can pay cash for. Since my dad is a truck driver it’ll be a couple of months before he can come get the jeep that being said he has given me permission to drive “his Jeep” while I look for an affordable ride in the mean time!   Things to think about

A)  Remaining balance on Jeep once I get the check from dad’s bank

B) Find a reliable car at a decent price to cash pay?

C) Take out a personal loan to cover deficit on loan and pay for the “new car”? 

The goal is to cash flow both I just don’t see this being possible.  I might have to play kissy face with the bank one last time to finish this once and for all.  But Hello to soon being able to make double house payments (Once my emergency fund is in place)  Ahhh this is feeling good!!!!



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