April is off to a start

Well it’s another month!  I’m still working on my jeep.  I’m still practicing my budget.  Getting better but it doesn’t get easier for sure!  I was a bit off track I overspent $25 in groceries and $25 in eating out.  All in all not bad I actually succeeded in putting $1,226.18 on my Jeep! I’m down to $26,506.15.  I’m not so sure April will be as successful.  I’m trying to figure out Spring and Summer budgets for landscaping lawnmower maintenance etc.  I have 2 graduations a bridal shower and a wedding in the next month! :/  I’m also pondering needing a new driveway.  As it sinks in the cost I may hold off and stack some cash before I replace it.

It’s the third of the month.  I have given myself $265 cash to last me to pay day. Permitting I’m successful in making that work I should be able to make and extra 1/2 payment on my Jeep.  I’m still listening to Dave Ramsey almost daily and trying to figure out where I can make additional cuts in my budget.  Other than eating out and cutting the groceries I’m a little stuck.

I took our little Sunny dog to the vet and his exam and shots cost me $135.00!  Once a year I guess I need to  budget about $11 a month for his annual exams! 🙂  Side Note: Add to budget ASAP to plan on this.  The only other struggle I’m having at this point on my zero based budget is when I put money from a category in savings I don’t want to pull it from saving to use it.  Example I budget $45 a month for toiletries… Then I buy them and don’t use it from that category I just use it straight from my checking because I don’t want my savings to go down.  Sigh… not sure how to combat this battle. 

Well just wanted to stop and put myself in check I honestly believe tracking on this has helped me stay more focused on my end goal.  And lastly for the Record I put my Jeep up for sale… I listed it on Craigslist so not sure that counts… But I did do it.  I figure it this way if I sell It great and if not that’s ok too!



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