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Found a car!!!!!

Well as of April 25th The Jeep is paid in Full and I’m now driving a gently used 2007 Honda Civic. I did not anticipate finding a car so soon and last week was a bit stressful trying to figure out how all would work but it did! I had to opt for option C from my previous post as I didn’t anticipate finding a car so fast. I just didn’t have in savings but to go from April 1 deciding to sell the Jeep to April 25th buying a car I feel pretty happy with what I was able to accomplish.

I officially paid off the Jeep and took a little road trip with Jess Hess to pick up my new ride. I found it on Craigslist the people I bought this car from were the original owners of the car in which they bought it having 4 miles on the car. It does have almost 143k miles on it now but most of which are highway miles and the couple took very good care of it.

While I feel like it was a setback initially and more than I initially wanted to spend I feel like I got a good deal and my worries have all been resolved, as my perspective on this whole situation has changed from a set back to a regrouping… (this being decided with a little help from friends)

This is where I stand as of today. $76k on the house $8600 on the car and now that I have drained my savings to nothing I have charged $65 on my credit card to get me through to payday. Now that my car payment has drastically dropped and my gas consumption I should start making headway very very very soon!

I have not done my May initial budget yet but I really need to see where I’m at in my checking account on payday before I go spending all my money on paper.

Here is to looking up and getting a little more financially in shape! This will be so interesting to see how much progress I can make on this loan in the upcoming months..


THE JEEP IS SOLD!!!!!!!!!!

I’m so freaking excited I could almost hyperventilate!  This scenario has worked out almost perfect!!!! So go back 4 days… I’m talking to my dad and he says “Well I think it’s about time I upgrade my old truck I’ve had it over 20 years and think I need to think about an upgrade”  Me: “Uh do you want to buy my Jeep”  Him: “I’d love to have that Jeep I’ll call the bank on Monday”  Fast forward to this morning… Dad calls and says “Well I guess I bought a Jeep” 

So why is the scenario so perfect?? I took a hit on selling it to him.  I’m going to now technically be without a car…. So this is how it’s playing out right now I MUST do some research and seek advice in which I will post what I ended up doing…  I will owe about 5k on the balance (Dad got this Jeep at a steal!)  So since I’ve been so diligent about paying extra I’m paid on my loan through June.  This will give me time to stock pile as much cash as possible when I find a used car that I hopefully can pay cash for. Since my dad is a truck driver it’ll be a couple of months before he can come get the jeep that being said he has given me permission to drive “his Jeep” while I look for an affordable ride in the mean time!   Things to think about

A)  Remaining balance on Jeep once I get the check from dad’s bank

B) Find a reliable car at a decent price to cash pay?

C) Take out a personal loan to cover deficit on loan and pay for the “new car”? 

The goal is to cash flow both I just don’t see this being possible.  I might have to play kissy face with the bank one last time to finish this once and for all.  But Hello to soon being able to make double house payments (Once my emergency fund is in place)  Ahhh this is feeling good!!!!


April is off to a start

Well it’s another month!  I’m still working on my jeep.  I’m still practicing my budget.  Getting better but it doesn’t get easier for sure!  I was a bit off track I overspent $25 in groceries and $25 in eating out.  All in all not bad I actually succeeded in putting $1,226.18 on my Jeep! I’m down to $26,506.15.  I’m not so sure April will be as successful.  I’m trying to figure out Spring and Summer budgets for landscaping lawnmower maintenance etc.  I have 2 graduations a bridal shower and a wedding in the next month! :/  I’m also pondering needing a new driveway.  As it sinks in the cost I may hold off and stack some cash before I replace it.

It’s the third of the month.  I have given myself $265 cash to last me to pay day. Permitting I’m successful in making that work I should be able to make and extra 1/2 payment on my Jeep.  I’m still listening to Dave Ramsey almost daily and trying to figure out where I can make additional cuts in my budget.  Other than eating out and cutting the groceries I’m a little stuck.

I took our little Sunny dog to the vet and his exam and shots cost me $135.00!  Once a year I guess I need to  budget about $11 a month for his annual exams! 🙂  Side Note: Add to budget ASAP to plan on this.  The only other struggle I’m having at this point on my zero based budget is when I put money from a category in savings I don’t want to pull it from saving to use it.  Example I budget $45 a month for toiletries… Then I buy them and don’t use it from that category I just use it straight from my checking because I don’t want my savings to go down.  Sigh… not sure how to combat this battle. 

Well just wanted to stop and put myself in check I honestly believe tracking on this has helped me stay more focused on my end goal.  And lastly for the Record I put my Jeep up for sale… I listed it on Craigslist so not sure that counts… But I did do it.  I figure it this way if I sell It great and if not that’s ok too!