2 weeks…

Well not much change…. I have not completed my budget for this next month yet :/  Need to get on this.  I have some upcoming expenses to ponder.  Prom for my girls this weekend and their graduation party in May.  I hope to keep the party under $300 total.  I believe this is doable. 

My study is going great and the bonus to it all is the drugs seem to be working!  I’d really like to be entered in to the long term study.  I’d be happy to do a long term study without any monetary compensation.  The wipes I have been using have completely changed my life for the short term!  I Love them!

I am committed to staying on my journey so I thought I had better drop a line.  I am also pondering getting my driveway fixed.  The water has been causing cement to buckle and now I am unable secure my garage.  I have one estimate thus far and it’s for $3160.00 The only way to complete this project is to drain my emergency savings and go back into debt on my credit card a bit.  Is it worth it?! Something I really have to weigh in the next couple of days.  I’ve worked my butt to get to where I am.  I do really need a new driveway as it’s causing water issues around my house… Hmmmm  

A review of my budget this week revealed that I ended up less than $25 over on food and almost $25 over on eating out. I’ll take it!! I have stuck with doing written budgets now since December and it is getting easier. I’m getting better at transferring the previous month to the current month as not much is changing now from month to month. I’ve been transferring “sinking fund” items into my saving from checking although it’s making it more difficult to spend that money. Once it’s in my savings I’m finding I don’t want to remove it!

I’m still undecided on what to do with the driveway and part of me still wants to sell the jeep.. :/ Decisions to be made I just need to make the right decision.


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