48 hours

In 48 hours I will be sitting on a plane on my way to Jamaica!!!!! I’m very excited about this trip. I have worked my ass off paying scrimping and paying off debt wanting to be debt free before I left and I was successful!!!!!!!!! I didn’t think initially I would have all unsecured debt paid off until summer so I’m a bit ahead of the game 🙂

My Budget is getting easier, at first it was really hard to spend all my earnings on paper when I received my pay. Now it’s getting easier and I’m actually looking forward to budgeting…(Never thought I would say that!) I’m doing a better job of keeping my receipts and tracking my expenses.

I am setting a goal for March.. I want to see how low I can actually get my grocery bill. I want to seriously go on a beans and rice diet if you will. I plan to just eat Tuna canned chicken mac and cheese and noodles… Not completely just that BUT I do want to see how low I can keep the groceries this month to see how much extra I can throw to the jeep.

I go tomorrow to see if I’m excepted into this study… It would be a nice couple of hundred extra dollars to throw at the Jeep. And listening to Dave Ramsey there was guy making an extra $1500 month delivering pizzas! Maybe I have a new calling.. There is a pizza joint a block from my house! Alexis is done with Volleyball next week it may be something to think about.

So all in all I’m feeling good about starting my marathon. I do get sidetracked pretty easy so this one will be a challenge. Again I have stated no vacation until my Jeep is at least 1/2 paid off in which to date is $12,769. If I keep my head in this game I think I can accomplish my goal yet this year but this will be tuff as it’s $476 more each month than I have budgeted on the high side.

Pizza delivery would likely solve this issue.. Something to think about. I’m unsure of any other jobs I can easily obtain that pay well that is very flexible around my crazy schedule.. Well at any rate I feel as though I’m doing well. Now if I can just stay in this game.


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