I’m Debt Free!!!!!!!!!

Ha! Well getting closer anyway… I officially paid off my credit card yesterday!!! My taxes finally come in πŸ™‚ Good Bye NFM! Hello to actually owning my washer and dryer. That was the last consumer debt I had. It was on interest free financing until 12/2015 but Its paid in full!! What a great feeling!!

I’m not done yet though… I have one debt left at $27,692 I have been doing some math and if I dump an extra $293 a month on this I will have the Jeep paid off in 3 years. 36 more torturous payments and I can really scream I’m DEBT FREE!!!!!! Can’t wait. I’ve ran all of my small 5k runs with debt now I’m settling in for the marathon. I’m confident that I can create an extra $293 month. Things may be tight still for a bit but every extra penny I can find will go to the Jeep.

Goals it’s about Goals… And that means if I’m able to keep up my pace I get to enjoy another vacation before my passport expires. πŸ™‚

I feel like I’m making great progress this year. I looked at my stuff last night and since I started this Dave Ramsey program I have paid off $6,750.00 in debt since November!!! Not to shabby for a broke girl


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