Getting impatient

Well I’ve been listening to Dave everyday and I’m getting very impatient waiting for this tax money to come in. I’m very excited to rid myself of consumer debt so I can start chucking away at my Jeep. I’m still contemplating if I want to sell it or keep it. At this point I still have not decided. I’m down to $105,700.00 in total debt. I am however getting very impatient waiting for my $$$ as part of me would like to get off the beans and rice budget and splurge although I know I’m close to vacation so I need to keep myself in check.

I’m only 10 days away from vacation! While I’m still very much looking forward to it I am pretty focused on this debt snowball. I find that I’m scrimping more and more. I am keeping out of all retail places (this is good!) I’ve spent very little even in groceries this month. One thing I feel I need to focus on is using less gas!!! My budget for gas has been way overinflated the last couple of months. I used a whole extra tank of gas this last week alone! Explanation: Uncle in town at local hospital aprox 15 miles away I went to see each day after work. Daughter still doing volleyball about 12 miles from home twice a week (This ends in two weeks) Note to self… Must get this gas spending under control!


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