Well I made the decision to make the payment to my credit card. I’m patiently waiting for my taxes. They should be here shortly then it’s good bye unsecured debt… Hello paying more on my Jeep. I really believe that documenting this journey has been able to get me more focused on paying off my debt. I have zero followers and almost as many readers.

Who knows though when I’m successful in doing this it might be a fun way to look back and reflect my ups and downs. On the upside if one day this little blog of mine helps one person realize they to can become debt free then all of this is worth while.

We are down to just a couple of weeks before we head off to Jamaica. I’m already thinking of ways I can optimize my vacation without spending a ton of cash…. I’d like to come home with money left so I can dump it on my last debt. Dave Ramsey talks that it takes an average family 2-3 years to have everything paid off except the mortgage. I’d really like to fall in that category.

I’ve also been trying to think of extra ways to earn a little more cash to expedite this journey. Speaking of cash UPDATE: I go on the 26th for my final testing to see if I’m excepted to this study. My credit card will be pain in full by then therefore the money I make permitting I’m excepted can go to my Jeep!

Well enough rambles for now….


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