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48 hours

In 48 hours I will be sitting on a plane on my way to Jamaica!!!!! I’m very excited about this trip. I have worked my ass off paying scrimping and paying off debt wanting to be debt free before I left and I was successful!!!!!!!!! I didn’t think initially I would have all unsecured debt paid off until summer so I’m a bit ahead of the game 🙂

My Budget is getting easier, at first it was really hard to spend all my earnings on paper when I received my pay. Now it’s getting easier and I’m actually looking forward to budgeting…(Never thought I would say that!) I’m doing a better job of keeping my receipts and tracking my expenses.

I am setting a goal for March.. I want to see how low I can actually get my grocery bill. I want to seriously go on a beans and rice diet if you will. I plan to just eat Tuna canned chicken mac and cheese and noodles… Not completely just that BUT I do want to see how low I can keep the groceries this month to see how much extra I can throw to the jeep.

I go tomorrow to see if I’m excepted into this study… It would be a nice couple of hundred extra dollars to throw at the Jeep. And listening to Dave Ramsey there was guy making an extra $1500 month delivering pizzas! Maybe I have a new calling.. There is a pizza joint a block from my house! Alexis is done with Volleyball next week it may be something to think about.

So all in all I’m feeling good about starting my marathon. I do get sidetracked pretty easy so this one will be a challenge. Again I have stated no vacation until my Jeep is at least 1/2 paid off in which to date is $12,769. If I keep my head in this game I think I can accomplish my goal yet this year but this will be tuff as it’s $476 more each month than I have budgeted on the high side.

Pizza delivery would likely solve this issue.. Something to think about. I’m unsure of any other jobs I can easily obtain that pay well that is very flexible around my crazy schedule.. Well at any rate I feel as though I’m doing well. Now if I can just stay in this game.


I’m Debt Free!!!!!!!!!

Ha! Well getting closer anyway… I officially paid off my credit card yesterday!!! My taxes finally come in 🙂 Good Bye NFM! Hello to actually owning my washer and dryer. That was the last consumer debt I had. It was on interest free financing until 12/2015 but Its paid in full!! What a great feeling!!

I’m not done yet though… I have one debt left at $27,692 I have been doing some math and if I dump an extra $293 a month on this I will have the Jeep paid off in 3 years. 36 more torturous payments and I can really scream I’m DEBT FREE!!!!!! Can’t wait. I’ve ran all of my small 5k runs with debt now I’m settling in for the marathon. I’m confident that I can create an extra $293 month. Things may be tight still for a bit but every extra penny I can find will go to the Jeep.

Goals it’s about Goals… And that means if I’m able to keep up my pace I get to enjoy another vacation before my passport expires. 🙂

I feel like I’m making great progress this year. I looked at my stuff last night and since I started this Dave Ramsey program I have paid off $6,750.00 in debt since November!!! Not to shabby for a broke girl

Getting impatient

Well I’ve been listening to Dave everyday and I’m getting very impatient waiting for this tax money to come in. I’m very excited to rid myself of consumer debt so I can start chucking away at my Jeep. I’m still contemplating if I want to sell it or keep it. At this point I still have not decided. I’m down to $105,700.00 in total debt. I am however getting very impatient waiting for my $$$ as part of me would like to get off the beans and rice budget and splurge although I know I’m close to vacation so I need to keep myself in check.

I’m only 10 days away from vacation! While I’m still very much looking forward to it I am pretty focused on this debt snowball. I find that I’m scrimping more and more. I am keeping out of all retail places (this is good!) I’ve spent very little even in groceries this month. One thing I feel I need to focus on is using less gas!!! My budget for gas has been way overinflated the last couple of months. I used a whole extra tank of gas this last week alone! Explanation: Uncle in town at local hospital aprox 15 miles away I went to see each day after work. Daughter still doing volleyball about 12 miles from home twice a week (This ends in two weeks) Note to self… Must get this gas spending under control!


Well I made the decision to make the payment to my credit card. I’m patiently waiting for my taxes. They should be here shortly then it’s good bye unsecured debt… Hello paying more on my Jeep. I really believe that documenting this journey has been able to get me more focused on paying off my debt. I have zero followers and almost as many readers.

Who knows though when I’m successful in doing this it might be a fun way to look back and reflect my ups and downs. On the upside if one day this little blog of mine helps one person realize they to can become debt free then all of this is worth while.

We are down to just a couple of weeks before we head off to Jamaica. I’m already thinking of ways I can optimize my vacation without spending a ton of cash…. I’d like to come home with money left so I can dump it on my last debt. Dave Ramsey talks that it takes an average family 2-3 years to have everything paid off except the mortgage. I’d really like to fall in that category.

I’ve also been trying to think of extra ways to earn a little more cash to expedite this journey. Speaking of cash UPDATE: I go on the 26th for my final testing to see if I’m excepted to this study. My credit card will be pain in full by then therefore the money I make permitting I’m excepted can go to my Jeep!

Well enough rambles for now….