Making way

So I just dropped off my paperwork to my tax guy.. Straight forward nice guy with any luck I will be fortunate to pay in full my last credit card $909.00.  It’s exciting to think that likely by the time I go to Jamaica I will have zero credit card/unsecured loan debts!!!  I now owe less that 28k officially on my Jeep!  I’m so focused on this right now.  I cancelled withholdings for child care reimbursement from my checks at work and HSA savings as well, this increases my checks by $102 per check.  I’m torn if I should dump this extra money to my savings or apply it to my outstanding debt.  Decisions and pros and cons to each.  Pro to savings this will give a little extra padding in the event of an emergency.  Pro to dumping to my debt It will just expedite me to the end goal. I’m unsure how I will proceed with this.


One day I will email or call Dave Ramsey and let him know I’ve paid off $111,600 in debt!  I’m sooo close to being down to 100k  If Joe Mihalac can pay off 90k in 7 months surely I can pay mine in 5 or 6 years?!  All I know is I’m making way to being debt free.



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