Monthly Archives: January 2014

Making way

So I just dropped off my paperwork to my tax guy.. Straight forward nice guy with any luck I will be fortunate to pay in full my last credit card $909.00.  It’s exciting to think that likely by the time I go to Jamaica I will have zero credit card/unsecured loan debts!!!  I now owe less that 28k officially on my Jeep!  I’m so focused on this right now.  I cancelled withholdings for child care reimbursement from my checks at work and HSA savings as well, this increases my checks by $102 per check.  I’m torn if I should dump this extra money to my savings or apply it to my outstanding debt.  Decisions and pros and cons to each.  Pro to savings this will give a little extra padding in the event of an emergency.  Pro to dumping to my debt It will just expedite me to the end goal. I’m unsure how I will proceed with this.


One day I will email or call Dave Ramsey and let him know I’ve paid off $111,600 in debt!  I’m sooo close to being down to 100k  If Joe Mihalac can pay off 90k in 7 months surely I can pay mine in 5 or 6 years?!  All I know is I’m making way to being debt free.



possible short term income

I will go feb 10th to see if I’m accepted to a study for hyperhidrosis a medical condition I’ve had for years… If accepted  I will get $25 for the first visit and make $50.00 a week for 8 weeks.  The bigger picture is if it works great and if I get paid even better that would put me that much closer to start knocking out my next debt. With putting an extra $50 week for two months I should have my last credit card paid off in no time!  Trying to stay focused

Debt Snowball in effect

So I’m going to be more committed to writing this year..  Step one on debt snowball My loan payment was $108 auto pay on the 20th.  I manually made that payment to my last credit card I have now makes it less than $1000.00 With any luck I will have it paid off in early summer.  Of course unless I find extra cash.  All extra cash must go to this credit card.  I’m still on target with watching my spending and not eating out.  Once you get on a roll it’s very motivating to keep chugging along.  I’m still BROKE but with a purpose.  Here’s to a Debt free 2014!   38 days until Jamaica!

Six days in and I’m broke!

I have till the 15th before payday… and I will be scraping to make payday.  Extra cash going to gas to go home for Christmas.  Roadtrip to get Alexis from Troy’s family, then my aunt Cheryl passing on New Years day making 4 trips back and forth to Lincoln put a financial strain on my budget.  I haven’t even sat and done my budget yet.  I seriously need to revisit my budget to see where I can cut more expenses this month… And refill my envelopes :/  Must do better with cash only spending…