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2013 came and went :/

Oh what a year…!

Both good and bad choices.  Highs and Lows to say the least!  So this is where I sit.  I’m not sure where 2013 went but it has been a whirlwind!  A few mistakes this year but some major leaps and bounds too!

Kitchen remodel finished (almost)  Using left over insurance money gave me the opportunity to give a little update adding a window to my kitchen!!!! YAY!!!! My insurance did end up replacing the roof and siding and due to frugal shopping I had enough to add a window for light and fix all the botched up self handy work the previous owners did. Plus get all new siding! So all that’s left is I need to grout and put trim up.  I replaced my back patio door as it was very inefficient for keeping the cold and hot out.. Bonus I should be saving on heating and cooling already.  Minus trim home remodeling is done for a good while.  I need to finish some odds and inns before starting anything else.

Illness.. I experienced some more illness over the summer 2 ER visits along with several tests and I’m feeling better.  What a long summer with stomach issues resulting in several medical bills fortunately all of them are paid off.  Although I’m not sure how much that set me back.

Dryer took a shit died dead done… My washer and dryer did not match regardless and my washer was 8 years old. Super Sale interest free for 36 months I replaced with high efficiency set.  This debt is actually the last debt I have to date. zero interest until Dec 2015 I’m hoping to have paid off in about the next 3 or so months.

Car issues… ran off the road destroying two tires in turn purchasing 4 new ones… Only to have the O2 sensor going out among other issues…warranty was out so was pondering purchase of new vehicle.. Test drove several with no firm decision made…

Vacation… Took my daughter to Germany to see her dad who has been deployed since August 2012.  I took out a personal loan of $2500 to cover expenses on the trip. He paid for most of my lodging my plane ticket and family excursions so $2500 for 2weeks in Germany and France was a bargain.  I used my credit card while there and payed the credit card off in full when I returned with loan.

Jeep… I bought a brand new Jeep!  Good and Bad Due to car issues and impatient desire to have a SUV I bought a 2014 Liberty.. While I LOVE the jeep hind site 20/20 have a tiny bit of buyer remorse as part of me should have socked money in to my car and got another few years out of it.  This of course as I was falling off track of my ultimate goal to be debt free… I am on a 5 year note and Hope to start chunking away the balance starting this next year

Vacation…. Again?!!! Not quite yet February 2014 Jamaica MON!  Going to go on vacation with 6 other people… Planned to have this vacation paid in full without incurring further debt and having my Germany loan paid in full prior to going. Both accomplished!  I even have a little spending money for my trip so I will not incur any debt while I’m gone.  (Note to self)  No more vacations until my Jeep is 50% paid off.. Goals it’s all about goals.

Dave Ramsey… May have been the best thing to happen to me this year.  I needed to stumble upon this man to get me in shape and serious about taking control and being done with debt!  So I am more motivated than ever!   Listen to him almost daily bought the Total Money Makeover book obtained Financial Peace University and even have purchased the envelope system.  Along with the software….Working on sticking to a monthly budget scary yet exciting at the same time.  I managed to make a Christmas Budget this year (thanks to a free online budget form)  I’m over but not nearly as bad as I have been in the past. I stuck to it mostly except on my daughter… One thing she is getting is Jr. Financial Peace a child’s guide to managing money!  Who’s serious now?! 😉

I learned of Dave Ramsey Sometime around November 10th and to date I have paid $4124.10 in debt.  Now that’s progress I’ve probably made more progress in the last 45 days than I did all year!  I worked myself into a bit more debt this year but am serious about paying it off. And not turning back!!!!  Germany is paid in full Christmas was purchased in cash and all but one remaining credit card is paid in full I will be debt snowballing that starting next month.  If I buckle down and really start going to town I hope to have that paid in full by June and cruising on my Jeep..

I have been blessed with a good job wonderful boss and terrific friends who have been supporting me through doing this.  I’m still out of shape or financially fat but I’m working my debt diet and I’m going to make 2014 a great year!

I’m not sure how I got so off track other than not keeping track and blogging my progress.  I slipped a bit this year but I’m back on track and making more conscious decisions about my everyday spending.  I only get coffee from the shop maybe 3-4 times a month whereas before it was 5 days a week.  I cook a ton more at home instead of eating out.  I’m more aware of groceries and toiletries at home.  I have cut back on silly spending and think twice about a purchase more so in the last 45 days.

I’m stronger at saying no!  No to eating out, grabbing that cup of coffee, buying beer, going out, driving extra, if I make a purchase I’m pondering the actual need of it often times returning it.

All in all a decent year in review when I think of the tribulations I had along with the triumphs!  I may have taken me to November to get back on track but that I know I am and I’m looking forward to a very productive 2014!

  • Paid in full another personal loan
  • fixed and updated house (almost free) to make it more energy efficient
  • purchased new car (must keep full term of loan)
  • paid off several medical bills
  • opened a credit card paid it full (need to close it down)
  • still follow Mr. Money Mustache along with Dave Ramsey I’m getting stronger in being financially responsible
  • will commit to writing more often to ensure I’m on track
  • will continue to debt snowball
  • Do not find this as easy as Harvard Debt blog as I’ve had a few setbacks…. most being self inflicted :/  (I take responsibility for this)