Monthly Archives: September 2012

Mid September rant

Well not much change in my world.  Still working with the insurance to settle on my roof although my car is fixed!!  $500 later I’m again driving a dent free car 🙂  I hope I can get my roof replaced soon and although they are saying no coverage for the siding I have multiple bids that say it needs replaced.  I will address this again with my agent.

I think I am making strides in becoming more frugal and I think posting on here keeps me more aware of my spending.  I have cooked more dinners and breakfast at home.  My daughter has been taking her lunch to school more this year so I’m saving money at school yet my at home grocery bill has grown I’ll need to make adjustments in my budget for that.  I have been eating out less for lunch as well.

I’d like to figure out ways to cut my energy cost at home.  Still thinking of ways to do this. I don’t really leave lights on and only run my dishwasher maybe twice a week.  I think I’ll finally be able to shut the air off since we are getting out of 90 plus degree temps every day.

I spent $3.00 at volleyball last night having just one beer and felt guilty about it! lol So again I think I’m making positive strides in my budget.  I think my next major goal to focus on is paying off my medical bills then I will tackle my car note.  I love reading Mr. Money Moustache as I have learned a lot over the last couple of months reading his blog. Although $500 on my credit card made me a little sad.  What’s a girl to do I drained my savings paying off my loan so I need to beef that up a bit in case of future little emergencies.

Goals Met:

  • Cable cancelled although they haven’t shut it off yet… (May need to follow-up on this)
  • Eating in more equals being more frugal.  I am also using up stockpiles of cleaning supplies etc.
  • Allocating my $120.00 loan payment twords medical bills