Have I hit rock $$$ bottom?!?!

I really need to vent and since I’m practically the only who reads this I guess I will on here! 

I’m second guessing my decision to follow this whole debt free plan.  Now that I have this loan paid off I feel so poor…. This after feeling strong about my decision to aim for a debt free life over the weekend when  one of my good friends purchased a 3D T.V. with surround sound extra viewing glasses the whole package!!  Initially I was jealous and envious but then Mr. money moustache brain kicked in and said “you have a perfectly good working television why would you charge another one?”

I have dumped every extra extra penny I could obtain to paying off the loan and while it’s a good feeling to have it paid in full, I am now left with less than $100.00 to last me to pay day.  It being only the 21st of the month I still have 11 days and a 1/2 tank of gas.. Needless to say to O’ Sh!% factor is starting to hit.

And the hits keep coming! My oven is broke needing a hot surface igniter the cost to fix it $65.00, my phone is broke, replacement comes in two days at a zero cost due to insurance and I’m still waiting to figure out all the insurance stuff on my house…(An adjuster states $20,700.00)

Maybe perhaps it’s time to dig deeper and find some more stuff sell as I continue this journey…

After reading the above I sound like a whiny brat!  Then I think of the amazing great Glenn Shephard’s motto that “Work is not for sissies!”  Well I guess it’s time to put on my big girl pants, suck it up, and make it work…  


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