Mission One Accomplished! Now I need a fast Grand!?!

As of today my personal loan will be PAID IN FULL! Wooohooooo!!!!!!! I am super excited to reach this point.  Although not easy and I am living out of my comfort zone with having so little left it was totally worth it!  Saving 3 years of interest and making monthly payments I’ll take it.

So next I need to focus on paying off my medical bills from the procedure I had earlier this summer.  I will use the monthly payment I make to my loan to pay these off. I will be increasing my monthly income by $100 starting next month for storing items at my house, I will use those funds as well to pay my medical accounts off.

In the mean time I must come up with $1000.00 to pay my deductible on my house/car from the storm damage our area sustained last week. Image  Hmmm wonder if I’ll hit the power ball.. Oh yes one must buy a ticket first… Knowing this is not an option I will keep brainstorming to cover the deductible. My house and car had over $20,000.00 damage!

So the good news is…. Personal loan is paid!!! Not so good news is I need a fast thousand dollars.  All in all a great feeling.



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