Happy Birthday to my daughter Or is it???

Today marks my daughters 10th birthday.  Is she going to have a happy birthday or not???  As stated before I did a make over on her room, her father and I took her to Colorado for a family vacation before his deployment, and we attended a yellow ribbon event in Chicago that the military paid for.  She has been going going all month but does that mean she is going to have a happy birthday??

I was thinking maybe just a $1 balloon and a simple birthday card.  But does that mean as a commercialized society she won’t have a great birthday??  Part of me thinks she needs to have gifts to open then the other part of me thinks with this journey I’m on she needs to learn the simple joys of life. 

So I guess I won’t know until tomorrow if she has a happy birthday or not.  I just finished my lunch hour and this was the breakdown: $2.14 balloons $5.35 for 10 roses, $3.21 for the card… In all $10.70 for my first and only child.  I think at the end of the day I can live with that.

I think keeping it simple is good as I have larger goals…. Financial freedom to attain and I won’t get there if I continue to spend.  On a brighter note no more than two payments on my personal loan!!! One down two more to go!! 

I highly reccomend reading Mr. Money Moustache as I have in a short time learned so many ways to cut spending and help me reach my goal of early retirement..


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