I feel it necessary to write today as I’m looking at my checking account and wow!  I have a major shortcoming.  Somehow I am way out of balance.  Perhaps it was my daughter coming back from being with family for the last month therefore needing to actually keep food at home! or just summer gatherings?  Either way I need to buckle down and get things in order and fast!

My room mate moved out in March and still owed me $150.00 and finally he paid that yesterday.  This will hold me over until payday, but with very little to spare.  Needless to say I haven’t made much progress on this loan balance as it still stands at $370.00

All this makes me wonder if others who have taken this road to get to financial freedom ever almost had a panic attack as they stood outside the comfort zone of not having a cushion in a checking or savings account?? I have always been a prompt payee with  enough but wow I’m for sure struggling to not spend any extra and pay down loans this journey is proving to be harder than I thought. Although I know it will be worth it at the end.

Again I feel like I will be held more accountable for my actions as I continue if I just keep posting!  So posting I will continue….. 🙂  So the $150.00 will be allocated as follows:  $35.00 to a house project that I had started prior that is now finished.  $30.00 to my checking account to be sure I don’t overdraw the account and the remaining $85.00 to my loan.  Considering when starting this journey I had an origional goal to pay it off by Christmas I’m still ahead of schedule but feel as though I need to do more…..


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